Sunday, May 24, 2009

New Book!

I picked up Barbara Walters' autobiography last night called Audition. I'm so excited to read it!
Breaking news: Barbara Walters wears fake eyelashes, is afraid to drive, gave up her black married lover to save her career (while his went down the tubes).

These and other true confessions provide the tabloid interest through 600 pages of the network diva's new memoir, Audition. But it's her heartfelt candor that lifts this book above mere titillation. Finally we learn why Walters is so relentless. It's a question I've often pondered watching her on television after beginning my own TV news career 30 years ago. In this engaging and chatty look back at a life largely lived in public view, Walters provides the answer. - The Washington Post
I've spent the last two days moving into my new house so there hasn't been much reading time...but I did squeeze in the first chapter this afternoon. So far spectacular!


sistah said...

mine when your done.

Nicole said...

Wow and I thought Terri Gross was a good read. Who knew Barbara was so scandalous? Love this!